Granite Wholesalers In Toronto

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granite wholesalersGranite Wholesalers in Toronto
Toronto homeowners are fortunate. Whether they're building a new home or renovating an existing one, homeowners have access to a wealth of beautiful materials in the city and the Greater Toronto area.
Many people are turning to natural materials for home building and décor. Wood, stone, and other natural components help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and mediate between the indoors and the outdoors. One natural material that tops the list for homeowners is granite. Granite is gaining in popularity for flooring, and it consistently tops the list for kitchen countertops.
Unfortunately, many homeowners don't realize that they can visit the showrooms of Toronto stone importers and distributors. While some companies won't sell directly to the consumer, they will supply contractors with specific granite selected by the homeowner. And the selection of fine stone in the GTA is spectacular!
Natural Efficiency and Beauty
Granite is extremely durable. An igneous rock that's formed when molten magma crystallizes, granite consists of feldspar, quartz, and mica, very tightly fused together. The stone is one of earth's strongest substances, scoring high on Moh's hardness scale. Although granite requires a greater investment than many other types of kitchen counter surfaces, granite lasts a lifetime and beyond. This durability and longevity explains some of granite's popularity in regards to countertops.
As well, granite can withstand high temperatures. Toaster ovens and even hot pots pose little problem for a granite countertop. The stone is scratch and cut-resistant, and, when properly finished, is also water resistant. These qualities also add to granite's appeal.
But the real reason for granite's long stay on the top of the list of desirable countertop surfaces is the stone's unmatched attractiveness. Each slab of granite is unique, and the way a particular piece reflects light or adds colour to a room can take one's breath away.
Choosing the Perfect Countertop
Visiting a granite importer's showroom and choosing a slab for your own home can be a highly enjoyable and creative pursuit. Even if you plan to select a traditional neutral shade with a subtle pattern, you will find many variations among these types of stone.
And if you decide to opt for a more exotic kind of granite, the possibilities are endless!
Nature is an artist, and has created granite in a vast array of colours, some featuring bold and dramatic patterns. Perhaps you're interested in installing a countertop that's a striking centrepiece for your kitchen. You may want to choose green granite, renowned for its depth and vivid veining. If blue is your favourite colour, you'll find all the various shades, from robin's egg to blue-black, available for consideration. Shimmering silvery granite slabs catch the light and reflect it back. A wide variety of reds, from dark maroon to faint pink, can lend warmth to any room. And combinations of two or more colours create a fascinating interplay of form and hue.
No matter what type of granite catches your eye, you will be sure to enjoy choosing your own one-of-a-kind countertop, from one of Toronto's fine stone importers!